"Quantity selector" widget doesn't display properly

I’m trying to use the “quantity selector” widget, but it’s showing VERY differently in Composed than it does in the Debugger app:

FireShot Capture 935 - Crawl Scorekeeper - Composer Pro _ platform.appgyver.com_ - platform.appgyver.com

And here it is in the debugger:

I haven’t done anything to style it…I just put it in, bound some data, and then checked it in the debugger, and it’s pretty broken. I tried some basic things like changing the padding (it’s in a cell that’s 50% width), but that didn’t help. Any ideas?

Hey @Joel_D,

Could you check again now? The issue should be fixed now! Thanks.

Sorry, no, still the same for me. App 169788.

Any other ideas? Thanks!

I’ll take a closer look!

Same issue still exists here…the quantity selector is completely unusable for me, which is unfortunate because it’s perfect for what I’m trying to do with my UI.

I worked around it by setting a height on the quantity selector. Somehow the Preview app seems to be overriding/resetting the height on the component, so explicitly setting it seems to work.