Query parameters in SAP BTP Destination REST API integration using Classic Data Entities

Hi all,

There is a provision for query parameters on an URL endpoint when we build direct REST API integration using Classic data entities:

This query parameter can be set in the data variable and it can be dynamic in nature too:

However, the same is missing when it comes to REST API integration via BTP Destination using Classic data entities:

I have the following queries:

  1. Is there a plan in roadmap to make provision for Query parameters in Classic data entities using BTP destinations?
  2. Is there any workaround at the moment to achieve the same in existing infrastructure?

Raj Pawan Gumdal

Hi Raj,

You can use a Data Query property for this. First, set the query in your resource to one of the pre-defined properties, such as query.search.query:

Once you save it, the property will be available in your get record flow node:


Of course, you can make the value dynamic based on app or page variables instead. This should work for your scenario.

Thank you @James_Rapp. This worked perfect :slight_smile: