Question About Social Login

Hi @Erin_Wagner

I checked out your app (Gomigo) and see you have social login over there which when tapped, opens login via browser. Did you have Apple tell that you needed to use “Safari View Controller” before you could publish?

In my case, they said I have to offer Sign in with Apple along with Google and Facebook as well as to use the Safari View Controller instead of the browser.

How did you get around this?

Thank you kindly

Hi @Ali_Kibao!

We were also told by Apple that if we offered Google Sign In, we had to offer Apple Sign In. It stinks, but oh well.

At first, we also tried to use the “open url” flow function, and they said that it had to open within a browser in the app. We changed to using the “open web browser” flow function, and they seemed fine with that.

Heads up that if you’re pulling the user’s name, they put that into a different part of the response than is standard. It took hours and hours for my developer to figure out why it wasn’t working. (If you need help, I’d be happy to introduce you. His hourly rate is pretty high, but he works so efficiently that he gets more done in an hour than I’ve seen any other developer do in 3. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.)

Wishing you luck!

Thank you for the response @Erin_Wagner

I’ll have a go at it with the “open web browser” flow function and see what they say.

Thank you for the heads up. I’m currently using Auth0 to handle the login so hopefully, that handles the user’s name situation for me and still gets approved by Apple.

I’ll reach out if I fall short.

Thanks again :pray:

Goog morning Ali,
I’ve seen you have tried to implement open browser logic for social login so I was wondering if at the end you succeeded with that.
If yes could you please give me some hints on how to implement social login?
I would try with facebook (I’ve already a facebook app ID)
Thanks in advance for your time

In addition to my previous post, I cannot redirect to my app page
I’ve tried to use syntax appgyverrn://<page.Page(id) but seems is not working (and facebook app doesn’t allow this to be implemented
How can I redirect to a page in my app?
Thanks for the support as always

Hi Munus

Yeah, as far as I know, Facebook does not allow for this format url. I had to use auth0 to sidestep that. Since my app will not have the 7000 user limit for the free tier of auth0 that’s ok. If you have something different you might want to take into account their pricing.

I will try to put something together for how I implemented social login as soon as I can.

Please do share if you come across a solution for that pesky Facebook redirect issue.

Unfortunately not…still stuck and I cannot figure it out how to implement it without Facebook sdk or auth0.
If someone has some tips please help us!

Good evening Ali,
Sorry if I come back to this but maybe I solved this.
Did u implemented Facebook login?

Hey @Erin_Wagner - wondering if you would be willing to intro me to your developer who set up your social sign ins. I would be happy to pay him to speed us through this process!