QUESTION re users

I have just removed a user.

So do they still have access to my app until they log out, or are they immediately stopped from proceeding should they still be logged in.

If they still have access, is there a way under auth to cancel them or how would I do it in code.



Well, the app will open for them, but no data will load, so it will appear broken. When they close it, they can no longer log in. If you would want them “kicked out”, there would have to be separate logic on global canvas or somewhere else that would kick the user out if the session is no longer valid.

Sorry for the “weak” question. I created a temp user, logged in, deleted user, and was able to see the effects. :slight_smile:

How do I get access to the password field, I can’t seem to find it, so I can create a page and allow users to change their own password? I know I asked this a year ago, just wondering if any changes were made. I do not see a reference to password under app vars.

Hi! Of course, the password is not stored under app vars as that would be super insecure :sweat_smile: More on that topic can be found here.

For AppGyver Auth, there is no option currently for the user to change the password themselves. As far as I’ve understood, we hope to include this feature in the next incarnation of AppGyver auth, but there’s no set estimate yet on when that would come under development and consequently available. If you need this feature, please use a third party authentication service.