Question regarding scroll view (Horizontal/Vertical)

Hello, I was experimenting with the scroll view component when I found a discrepancy between the horizontally aligned scroll view and the vertically aligned scroll view.

I have tried to create a horizontally aligned scroll view with multiple image components with the following properties:
Scroll View:


Layout tree:

In the preview app, the scroll view function only shows a single photo, almost as if the other image components doesn’t exist.

However when I recreate the following but with Horizontal scroll > false, all the image components show up.

More strangely, when I put all the image components into a container and then put it into a scroll view (horizontal), it shows all the image components.

edit: I found out that the Horizontal scroll viewing (for some reason) clashes terribly with all width and height settings except for exact size. Although I must admit I don’t know how to utilize advanced functions correctly… anyone who is fluent with it, please let me know if it works or not.

As far as I know, this discrepancy occurs only with image components. It’s not really much of a problem, I’m just genuinely confused as to why it happens.