Questions about default data variable logic initialization

The default initializing of data variables loops endlessly (with either error output or successful output) every 5 seconds. Im not a fan of hitting a database server any more than necessary so i typically remove the loop-back wire if a successful output from the get record function. So my question is - are All of the records in a Get Record Collection always returned in 1 call?, or does it sometimes require multiple calls to get all the records? I have been choosing to exit out of the loop on a successful output of the Get Record Collection, assuming it always gets all the records in 1 try. If this is not wise, please let me know.

My other question is - should an error be displayed from the error output, and handled in some way other than continually returning to the delay function and trying to get record again? Im not sure what “Best Practice” should be in this case, handling error outputs from the get record function.

Thanks for your advice ahead of time.

In most cases I am also not a fan of querying the REST API on a repeat, usually I just delete the delay/repeat node and add some manual trigger to refresh data e.g. Variable X changed > Debounce module > Get Records.

To you question about Get Record Collection (I assume you asked about external API?) :

Simplified answer - it gets all the records, the feedback look in the default set up has a function of refreshing the data. After Get Records Collection there is Set Data Variable module. Every time you “Set the data variable” you replaced the old content.

Nuanced answer - Get Record Collection - gets as many records as the API sends following its own internal settings. Some APIs have pagination, eg. Airtable API sends max 100 records per time. Using the Data Configurator you can also specify additional parameters for a API e.g. number of records to retrieve.

I hope that is somewhat helpful.

Regarding the second question , I am not really sure of a good answer here.