Questions about Dropdown field


Is it not possible to adjust top/bottom margin on Dropdown field?

Second question. Does anyone knows how to align the text to the left in the Dropdown field?

Inside the field in the Dropdown element the text is aligned to the left but it does not seem to be doing anything?

Any ideas?


  1. You can adjust the margins by selecting different binding from the dropdown behind the link icon. Find “Custom value” there and then you’ll be able to write your own value to the field.


  1. You’re right, the text align seems to be broken and always aligns right. I created a bug report for this so it’ll get fixed at some point (hopefully soon).

Thanks Tomi!. I should have realized it was blue, so linked. Thank you for a very clear explanation!

@Tomi_Laakso I have also noticed similar but in the input field. Left/Right/Center the text always stays alligned to the right:


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A follow up to this: I aligned my drop-downs to the center, and it shows up perfectly in the Composer and on mobile:

But on the web, they’re left-aligned no matter what:

I aligned the text to center, self-aligned the dropdown component to center, and centered the contents of the cell it’s in:

Any thoughts on how I can get the dropdown content centered on web?


Hi! Sorry for the delayed answer. Apparently you need to set text align: center for the dropdown for that to work in web as well!

Well, I had set the text align to center:

Thinking that your comment meant there was maybe a second place to set it, I just dragged in a new drop-down composite component to start with a clean slate. But I’m not seeing any additional places to set the alignment:

Did I misunderstand the instructions?

Hi! Sorry I was unclear, this was specific to a dropdown primitive, not composite. For clarity, this is where you get the primitive (you can find this inside the composite component, but this way is simpler):

Turns out this is a known bug :slight_smile:

I just upvoted it. Glad it’s on the team’s radar!

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