Questions for my cooking app!

I’m working on this cooking app with App Gyver. It’s gonna be a bunch of recipes and I have a few questions…

  1. When a user is scrolling through recipes, they see a title, description, and image in a container. I want to make it so that when the user clicks on the container they are sent to a page with the instructions on how to make it. Of course, I don’t want to have to make a new page for each recipe so how can I do this?
  2. I want the user to be able to favorite recipes and see what they have favorited on a different page. How can I make a favorite button that’s different for every user?
  3. Finally, what’s the best way for me to add recipes? Should I code an external admin page that connects to a 3rd party hosting or is there a way to do it through App Gyver?
    I know that’s a lot so thank you!

Hi Tristan,

  1. Check out this video for how to show a single data record on a new page.
  2. The button will likely be the same for every user, but when you implement login you will have access to the currently logged-in user in the app. You can then have a list of favorites for that specific user, and when the button is clicked, add the ID of that recipe to the list. The user object schema in your backend could be something like user = {userName: "Mike", ..., favoriteRecipes = [12345, 56789]} When you have a list of favorite recipe ID’s saved, you can use filtering to show only the user’s favorite recipes.
  3. If you’re looking to publish your app, I would suggest using a 3rd party backend because our database is for hobby use only. I’m not an expert on the topic, but Airtable and Backendless at least seem like popular choices here on the forum. Depending on your choice of backend, it will have a visual editor to add, remove or edit records, or you could also code your own admin web app (also possible with AppGyver).

Hope this helped!

First of all, thank you so much :star_struck:
That is all very helpful
I do have one question though - I started to use Airtable and now I’m wondering how should I do authentication? I created “Direct third party authentication”, but all I see is the ability to change the user’s initial view and a login page; i.e. where do I connect the third party and what should it be?
once again, thanks!

Hi, Backendless and Bubble both have user management and AppGyver integration tutorials available. :slight_smile:

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  1. For that tutorial to work, the object needs an App Gyver Cloud Storage ID. When I try to attach use the ID from my DB it doesn’t work. What do I do?

Hmm, there should be no problem with doing the same with data coming in from an API. Can you share some screenshots of your setup: how you repeat the data, how you pass the individual object’s ID to the parameter, and how you use the parameter on the next page? :slight_smile:

Here it is
I labeled what pages they are on in the top left

Update: I see it works when previewing it on but on mobile i have to open the details page through the nav bar, and then it starts working. There is also a bug with the log in page that happens on mobile. There are no issues on the web preview though. Could someone take a look?
App id: 198378