Questions on Appgyver for companies

Hello again,

I have quite a set of questions for you, I tried to find answers for as many of them as possible but here is what is left, in case it’s not the right way to ask you this please tell me where else can I ask this ?
If a lot of answers are just a NO, can you tell me if it’s considered by your roadmap, or really not at all ?

  • Is SAP using appgyver itself ? (Internal tools / client facing tools ?)
  • Where can I find the SLA for community users ?
  • Is there any support policy post-decommissioning ? Let’s say in 2 years appgyver is killed, is there a policy already for months/years ?
  • Can we say an appgyver APP can be used with any browser ? Only the composer requires chrome right ? (or non-firefox)
  • Can we work on the same appgyver project as multiple users ?
  • Is there any GIT integration foreseen ?
  • Has anyone tried test-automations such as Selenium with appgyver ?
  • Have you thought about integrating to a SDLC standard with CICD?
  • Have you thought about multi tenant deployment with some load balancing for instance ?
  • Any SSO compatibility ?
  • Have you considered that we could expose APIs for the app itself and not only consume other APIs ?

I’m sorry if it’s too much, obviously these are not all from me, but could ready I believe unlock a lot of hesitating people looking forward to actually use this great app. Even if everything is not there yet knowing that you have some elements above in mind can be quite reassuring.

Kind regards

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Hello, I’m taking another chance at asking for replies here please.

This would be very important and decisive for me/us :slight_smile:

I think your questions are incrementally a step ahead of the current situation. No one on here, including those from Appgyver knows the answers you seek.

  • Can we say an appgyver APP can be used with any browser ? Only the composer requires chrome right ? (or non-firefox)

Yes, this works fine

Wellll I’ll try with my knowledge, but like @Phil_Evans said not everything is known at this point.

  1. AppGyver is still fairly new (in SAP) but yes, slowly more and more
  2. Terms of Service for Community edition are here.
  3. Not sure what you mean nor sure if I can answer that, but I assume (for Community edition) this scenario is covered in our ToS. For Enterprise edition, that would be on the SAP side, so not super sure. Contact SAP’s support directly if you have a license.
  4. Should work in modern browsers
  5. Apps can’t be shared at the moment conveniently between multiple users (you will have to use the same user account). This will become at last a feature on the Enterprise (paid) version of AppGyver, planned for Q2/2022.
  6. No, but Enterprise (paid) version has release management
  7. I don’t think so, we have something coming up for this in Enterprise (paid) version at some point.
  8. Not that I know of but this would definitely be an Enterprise (paid) feature
  9. I don’t know
  10. Not at the moment, perhaps in the future with third party plugin support
  11. Not that I know of

Our public roadmap is available here.

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Hi Mevi,

Many thanks for taking the time to reply, very much appreciated.

Kind regards

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