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I have a simple page with a question for the user, followed by 4 potential answers.
Only one answer is correct.

I want the user to be able to tap on an answer, but if they change their mind and tap another, I want the first one to uncheck. They can only pick one.

Checkboxes allow multiple answers
Radio buttons allow only one choice, however appgyver doesn’t seem to support radio buttons & I can’t find any components to install for these.

I have tried using IF statements - that is when a user clicks on answer 1, check IF the other 3 answers have been picked before and if they have then set them to unchecked - however Appgyver IF statements don’t seem to allow for this sort of functionality and I can find no way in the components to reset a check box.

What am I missing? This should be pretty simple no?

Try the Button Group in the Component Market, search for the HhTAaprYBKvo_E9_IDd9iw token.

Thanks Paolo - had a look at that, and it works for buttons. :slight_smile:
Not quite what I’m after but a good option for another part of the app

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I used an Object page variable. I created one item for each Checkbox in the object. In your case, each potential answer would be represented visually with a check box and in the page variable as an item in the object page variable.

I associated each page variable object item (i.e. each answer) with one of the check boxes so they would be bound.

From there, I use the Set Page Variable flow logic item on each component tab event for each Answer checkbox in the logic section to set the Answer as True and the other 3 page variable items to False. You will now have a radio button effect using checkboxes.

I didn’t check out many scenarios with my approach, but it seems to work at a basic level.

All that being said, I would agree that having a radio button visual control would be a great addition.


I agree, a radio button component should be part of the standard set – once we get the new runtime out, composite components become a lot more powerful as we can use the composite component root properties directly in formulas within the composite internals.

@Summer_McKenzie did Steve’s response help you out?

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Hi all,

Currently, is there a way to choose one between many options? Block out choosing of other options, unless they want to change their selection. And send that chosen one as the input to backend?

Many thanks!

i got it. don’t worry

How did you do this? Do you mind sharing?

@LB_In_Kona Steve described how to do it. You need a page variable per checkbox that you bind to the value of the checkbox. Then you go to the flow logic and set something like this: Component tap → set page variable for this checkbox to true and set page variable for other check boxes to false.
The same flow you repeat for the other checkboxes.

I hope it makes sense.

here you can find a solution

Just published a customizable radio button component. Share token: -9Zu5UuLXvHqeIgZbQN7dg

The preview doesn’t show the icons, but they are there.