Radio Button | Checkbox - toggle option

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I have a simple page with a question for the user, followed by 4 potential answers.
Only one answer is correct.

I want the user to be able to tap on an answer, but if they change their mind and tap another, I want the first one to uncheck. They can only pick one.

Checkboxes allow multiple answers
Radio buttons allow only one choice, however appgyver doesn’t seem to support radio buttons & I can’t find any components to install for these.

I have tried using IF statements - that is when a user clicks on answer 1, check IF the other 3 answers have been picked before and if they have then set them to unchecked - however Appgyver IF statements don’t seem to allow for this sort of functionality and I can find no way in the components to reset a check box.

What am I missing? This should be pretty simple no?

Try the Button Group in the Component Market, search for the HhTAaprYBKvo_E9_IDd9iw token.

Thanks Paolo - had a look at that, and it works for buttons. :slight_smile:
Not quite what I’m after but a good option for another part of the app

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I used an Object page variable. I created one item for each Checkbox in the object. In your case, each potential answer would be represented visually with a check box and in the page variable as an item in the object page variable.

I associated each page variable object item (i.e. each answer) with one of the check boxes so they would be bound.

From there, I use the Set Page Variable flow logic item on each component tab event for each Answer checkbox in the logic section to set the Answer as True and the other 3 page variable items to False. You will now have a radio button effect using checkboxes.

I didn’t check out many scenarios with my approach, but it seems to work at a basic level.

All that being said, I would agree that having a radio button visual control would be a great addition.

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I agree, a radio button component should be part of the standard set – once we get the new runtime out, composite components become a lot more powerful as we can use the composite component root properties directly in formulas within the composite internals.

@Summer_McKenzie did Steve’s response help you out?