Radio Button in AppGyver

I can’t find Radio Button. Is it available now?

Hi! We don’t have a ready made component for that, but you can make your own with a container, icon/checkbox and paragraph!

Steps approximately:

  1. Make Container horizontal and put checkbox (under primitives) and text into it
  2. Either add a page variable that would track whether the value is true or false, or make the container a composite component and define a property for it that tracks this (you can see and example of this by opening the Checkbox field in isolation mode)
  3. Set the checkbox icons to look like a radio button
  4. Set the on tap of the container to change the value of the variable

I tried to do using containers.
I have one more question.
I want to change container color when i tap? I tried this using set component style, but i can’t set truely(
Could you help?

You can bind the changing color to some page variable like in this tutorial:

Just published a customizable radio button component. Share token: -9Zu5UuLXvHqeIgZbQN7dg

The preview doesn’t show the icons, but they are there.