Random City from API

Hi Everyone,

is it possible to show a random City from the API i’ve already connected to.

I’ve tried different things and searched this forum, on google etc.

I’ve seen that Adalo.com (another app-maker) offers a “Pick random”-function, but i would really like to continue using AppGyver.

I have about 10 different kind of schema-categories through the API and the name for Cities in my data is “BYNAVN”.

I would like to show a random city name and use this information to show relevant images, text and placement on Google Map.

Kind regards,

If you get your city data into a List variable, you could use the SHUFFLE formula to shuffle that list then just get the city name from the first index [0] of that data, and use that as a query parameter for Google Maps

As an example: OPEN URL : https://www.google.com/maps/search/?api=1&query= + data.City_List[0].name

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