Random results from same api data

I’m building an app for a youth group membership system, all of the data in the app is populated over REST API provided by the current web version of what they use. In the video this shows the overview of a members in an age group and 5 icons which are can be triggered to alert certain issues. These are populated by the result of bool values from the get result of the API call. If you watch the video Rangers/c4 Jones should always have all 5 icons shown like at the start.

What we are finding is if you go out and in the icons that load are completely random, sometimes returning only a few icons sometimes none. I’ve checked debug and the API always returns true for displaying the icons. I don’t believe this is an API issue either as this is set to update every 5 seconds and even if you leave it the icons aren’t shown. When it happens the placeholder image also disappears which isn’t currently triggered by anything it is just a static image.

Any ideas what might be causing this intermittent behaviour?

Hummm… Can you show perhaps what type of configuration you have for the icons? How are you showing them?