Random Reversions

Has anyone else experienced random reversions to old configurations in the logic gui? I was trying to create an activity which uploads a video to firebase and also cloudinary, and I specifically remember having to switch the http call to trigger on a button click after the upload file was finished instead of running directly after the upload file function because it kept crashing the app. I had it working and published an app. it was working fine in published version. I go back to do something else on the page for next update, and all the flow functions had reverted back to how they were before I changed it, along with some changes in the ui. Is there something which causes random reversions?


Sounds odd. Can you see anything in the app’s history (next to save button) regarding this?

nothing but recent history. this was a reversion to a configuration weeks ago

Hmm. If it happens again, please check the revision history and take screenshots of it etc. and let me know, so we could look into it further :thinking: