Rapid api integration with openweather

I’m a very new user of appgyver…

I can’t seem to crack the code on how to use openweather’s api inside appgyver composer pro. I first tried creating an account with openweather and used the url and api key they assigned to my account…that failed miserably because (I think) openweather uses HTTP only, and appgyver requires HTTPS. So, I created an account on rapid api’s site because they act as a middle-man (as near as I can tell) providing HTTPS access to openweather and used the url and api key they gave me. However, I’ve spent hours messing around with combination of urls and keys and headers etc and have failed to successfully “TEST” any of them…most return invalid key errors, a few times I’d get a different errors…

All I want to do is retrieve the current weather conditions for a lat-long. What needs to be in the BASE and GET RECORD CONFIGURE pages to make this work?



Hi Jeff, welcome to the community! I happened to have this API configured in an app for a single location, and it works directly like this:


The API key is given in the “Value” field of the query parameter, just cropped the screenshot so mine is not visible :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


…but still no worky…

getting this error now:

Maybe the problem is in some of the other settings like these:

Hi Jeff, sorry for not getting back to you earlier! Are you still experiencing this issue with the API?

Thanks, yes…got so frustrated trying to use Appgyver that I moved on to learning to code directly in Apple’s Xcode editor…making good progress on my app there, but, have not learned API integration yet

Hi, sorry to hear that but great that you’re making progress. Wish you all the best with your app! :slight_smile: