Reaching webservice but data not being sent

In the Data configurator I have POST enabled and my relative path set up. I have my Schema set up to pass a “name” property just as a test. When I click “Run Test”, it reaches my php webservice file successfully (after adding CORS headers), but the name string data is not being sent to the server.

I’ve tried it every which way including adding the Content-Type to multipart-data/form since I’ve been able to successfully send the same data via PostMan.

App ID # 95081 if you wouldn’t mind taking a peek for me please.

I’m at the point in the app where I have an Array of Records saved in local storage which include a few strings and then an image. I planned to use the Data configurator to POST those records to the webservice.

The REST API direct integration won’t let you upload files at the moment, or send any other Content-Type than application/json.

However, uploading files is possible with the Upload files flow function – you pass it an array of file objects that have a path property for the local filesystem path, and an uploadUrl property that has the location to upload to.

To be able to send both string fields and a file in the same multipart-data/form request would to my understanding require a new flow function to handle this – I’ll circle this with the team and see if they can figure something out.

Have you made progress on this? This is required for backendless file upload. I am using backendless as the backend.

This is answered here :slight_smile: