On the app configuration page with permissions is no “READ_PHONE_STATE” possition, but Google Play Console shows that my app want this one and shows error about it.
Google console tells me i need add privacy policy if im ussing sensitive usser data. But I dont usee sesitive data I think.
My app all what is doing is a list off buttons with links to my blog, my youtube and my social networ sites.
When usser pushing button, app opens page in Google Chrome or YouTube alication to show my stuff.

So this is normal? Or this READ_PHONE_STATE shuld not be neaded by my apk file?
On the configuration site i chose only READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE becouse AppGyver shows mi tis on on red colour as nessecery one.

prova a compilare la pagina di privacy su Google Play Consolle. La trovi sulla dashboard a sinistra, in fondo, in basso
Se ti può essere utile, copia e incolla la mia pagina di privacy, Google non ha fatto problemi con questa . La trovi su Privacy policy - APP - Plasturgica .

claudio_radaelli please use english. I don’t know what you are saying.

You try to fill in the privacy page on Google Play Console. You can find it on the dashboard on the left, at the bottom, at the bottom
If you find it useful, copy and paste my privacy page, Google hasn’t made any problems with this one. You can find it on Privacy policy - APP - Plasturgica

and then I solved my problem like this:

I managed to enter APK in google play console
I did so.
I reopened the “first” .keystore file with KEYSTORE EXPLORER (it’s free).
I changed the format to MD5 instead of SHA1
Saved with the same name
I inserted this file in CONFIGURE of APPGYVER COMPOSER PRO, made BUILD and, I received .APK file, which I inserted in Google Play Console

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Ok thanks claudio_radaelli. My app is now in review (test version works). :slight_smile:

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did you manage to export your APP to google play? . It works ?
Google play says I have stability issues. I do not know what to do

Yes, in the end all works for me. I have some problems with wainting on google to have published my app, and with numbers of version, but that on google panel. Now all works fine. :slight_smile:

Hi! I have same problem, I mean Google play need policities because my app requiered READ_PHONE_STATE permissions

Could you tell me, how do you fix this problem?


Ok Guys!
I’ve resolved it
I went to “politica / Estado de la Politica” in Google Play
and then I created my app policities (
finaly I added link “Estado de la Politica” options

Thanks a lot

PD: Sorry my English (Im learning)