REALLY STRANGE: In same App/URL some texts are differents

A client reports me some “error” in text (he sends me screen capture see below). So I login in the app to check and I see teh correct text.

It’s really strange I have no idea why.

Someone with the same problem ???

I have tried with login with another user from my computer and all is all right.

When I use the App (same URL, same all):

When my Cliente use the App (same all):

Are you using any language translation libraries or variables?

Are the dropdowns or buttons linked to any variables that populate the text? If so, are they defined simply or are they conditional?

Only Labels and Values with text without any variable in a dropdown element.

I don’t get access to the computer client he only send me capture…

Also it happens on one computer in another in same work place all is fine.

I suggest to erase cookies and cache.

We will see what’s happens…

Same for the button it’s a plain text in the botton property…

Then this sounds outside of my paygrade, especially since I don’t know much about how any of this works in any languages other than English.

Wait for the AG Team…?

That doesn’t sound familiar at all. Unless you configure those texts dynamically I suspect the user has some auto translate in their browser.

I will try to get more information on this strange issue. It must be some strange behavior of a plugin in the browser of my client…