Recommended Backend platforms?

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I am looking for a low code back-end platform in combination with Apprgyver as the Front-end. Does anyone have any suggestions on this. Thanks a lot!



Maybe take a look at this?

Maybe try Bubble? It has a learning curve but is worth it once you learn it. You can read more about its APIs here (note: Workflow APIs don’t work with GET requests):

Take a look at Backendless. They just released a new article about how to integrate AppGyver specifically with their backend, and they have one of the most robust no/low-code backends out there. Great database, codeless logic builder, timers, push notifications, the whole nine yards.

Here’s the article:


I’ll just mention other backends you may consider, divided into types that are maintained for you and those you’ll need to maintain yourself:

Managed BaaS (Everything is maintained for you):

  • Xano (Steve Stava has a youtube playlist showing how to use it with AppGyver)

  • Back4App (A BaaS based on the Parse Server which was previously backed up by Facebook)

  • Firebase (You probably know this one already, needless to say, it has thousands of users)

  • 8base (recently stumbled upon this one, I don’t know much about it but it seems to only support GraphQL rather than REST APIs)

  • Busywork (A visually programmable BaaS but they currently seem to be in Beta)

Self Hosted (Everything is maintained by you):

  • Appwrite (an open-source backend which is currently in Beta but has a strong community, so learning to host it yourself should be a breeze, this medium article is an example on how to deploy it on D.O)

  • Parse Server (This is the one Back4App manages for you if you don’t want to mess around with it)

  • Supabase (NB! They’ll soon release pricing for a Managed Solution, but it’s basically an open-source BaaS that aims to be an alternative to Firebase).

These are just a few I personally found online, would love to hear about more in addition to those already mentioned, but I suggest that you carefully consider which BaaS you decide to go with (Some decisions are difficult if not impossible to undo), taking into consideration things like:

  • Current and future expenses when your app scales
  • Customer/Community support to get quick solutions when problems occur
  • Whether or not you want a relational/non-relational DB structure and which one will serve you best
  • Possibility of vendor locking
  • GDPR compliance
  • Data encryption & the level of Security provided out of the box

Just to mention a few, hope that helps :wink:

10 Likes offers a great backend solution, especially for European projects.

Here is a link to a couple videos how to use Sashido in an Appgyver app:


appveen provides a low-code backend development platform. It’s a managed BaaS. You may want to check it out here → Rapidly build back ends for modern applications.

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