Record not found with key - on device storage rawError

Hi, I’m getting this error when updating an existing record on the on-device storage table in my app. Any idea how to resolve this?

So you mean that you are trying to update a record in an “on-device data resource”.

As long as I understand it well from the screenshot you are repeating some questions in a list. And you want to set the answer to that question in the local storage.

Now let me ask a few questions here:

  1. is an object in the list repeated has a property “id”?
  2. did you set the “update record” “id” key with that “id” that you have (hopefully) via the “repeated with” binding in the bidning selection?

Maybe try binding it to a formula instead, like this:

Now, of course change the “” to whatever you name your repeat.

Another out of scope question:
Is it a kind of risk/vehicle inspection questionnaire at a logistics site? :innocent:

For further help, I would need to see the schema of your offlineTMSR data resource.