Record Properties in Update Record


I am trying to work through the Todo demo and the video has a field that is missing from the current version of appgyver and I am having trouble saving the state of the checkbox to work.

In the Todo video at 10:16 you will see record properties with two brackets { } and ‘Done’ is chosen which I believe is the value that will be updated when the record is updated.

My version of appgyver does not have this area under record properties for the update record event. It only has the two arrows in a circle.

I do have it set to “Currently bound to output value of another node” which is set to “Checkbox onChange / Event” however the state of the checkbox is not changed when the app is reloaded however all the todoItems do appear in the list.

Should there be a place to choose which value is to be updated?

Thanks for your assistance.

You should bind it to Static value > Custom object which gives you the options to define what goes into each field of the update payload.