Record video : switch cameras

Hi, I am trying out the record video functionality and think I have it working well.

I was hoping though to be able to switch from the back camera to the front and noticed there wasn’t a icon visible to do this.

Is switching the camera a possibility in record video mode?


That’s not currently possible, but we hope to get to updating many of the included plugins/APIs with additional functionalities soon, so please make a feature request ticket to

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Has anyone looked at this lately? It’s crucial to be able to use either the front or rear-facing cameras.


Answered here: Using the front-facing (selfie) camera

Hi @Harri_Sarsa , I do not believe the link provided is answering this question.

Recording Video does not provide an option or property to select the front facing camera as the article describes. That seems to exist in the capture photo logic only.

Please see attached.

I remain very interested in porting over an app, however this is preventing it and I would welcome any work around, even manual to get closer as I understand there may have been major upgrades to Appgyver that might allow me to update it myself.

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Hi @Harri_Sarsa

Appgyver remains intriguing but my use case is unable to proceed without being able to record video from the front camera.

While the front camera can be selected for photos, it’s not the case for videos.

Source: Record video - media

With the recent modifications since the last message, is there a way to modify Appgyver or create one’s on component to enable the front facing camera to record video as well (as well as being able to switch between the two?)

Appreciate all the hard work in Appgyver and really looking for a way to adopt it.