Recycler View - Component onEndReached not triggered


Trying to use the Recycler View for my repeated list, I can successfully display the lists items in the recycler, but cannot trigger the Component onEndReached Event, when I scroll to the end of the list?

Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong?


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Can you provide screenshots that show how you implemented the Recycler View in the Composer ?

Hi @Thomas_Fullstck,

In terms of using the recycler view, there was not much to it. I already had a repeating list component implemented and I simply placed the list component inside the recycler view component (See screenshot below).
The settings for the recycler view are also pretty straightforward. My issue is I cant trigger the onEndReachedEvent to implement further actions.

Screenshot 2021-03-30 at 12.44.43

Can you show me what you set in the “logic” view (at the bottom of the screen) ?

Hi @Mari @Mevi,

Any advice on the onEndReached Event, in regards to the Recycler View Component?

Thanks for any advice.

Hi @Farid_Patel! The onEndReached event of the recycler view is not yet supported even though it has been visible in the interface, our apologies for the mistake. However, the plan is to implement it soon with high priority. You can keep track of new features in the changelog. :slight_smile:

@Mari , Thanks for the update