Recycler View doesn't work smoothly on android

Recycler View doesn’t work smoothly on android. There is a flicker during scrolling. It works very well on IOS. Any idea why? Thanks.

Hi! There were recent improvements for Recycler View, what version are you experiencing problems with? 2.5.10 should be better, but are you still experiencing flickering? I think I’ve noticed this flickering before, but I’m not sure it has been reported :thinking: If you’re still experiencing it, let me know and I’ll forward the issue.

Hi, Unfortunately still continue… I used 2.5.10 version and I tried with different devices, all the same…

Hi! I tested on 2.5.12 Android and had no flickering even on a long list – if you still have issues, please share your app id so I can see what’s going on with your app.

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I tried with 2.5.12 but still continues. My id is 97500. I really appreciate for your help.

Hi, is there any news?
Thanks a lot.

Hi! Sorry I wasn’t able to get to you sooner – I think the issue you are having stems from having images in the recycler view items, something we haven’t stress tested that much as of yet. I’ll try to reproduce this so we could get it fixed, but a fix won’t be available immediately, it’ll take a while I’m afraid :confused:

Ok. Thanks. I hope you fix it soon.


On a second look, you could make it work for yourself better with some different settings for the recyclerview. Your render ahead is currently 0, which means that everything that isn’t visible isn’t prepared to be shown. Change it to a slightly bigger number (maybe 5 or 10) and see if that helps. Also if you can use deterministic rendering (rather than non-deterministic rendering), that also makes it faster. Perhaps try these and see if it helps you for now?

I tried but it didn’t helped to make it fix much… Thanks anyway…