Recycler view (what it does)

Hi there, can anyone explain me what the recycler view component does, because i haven’t understood its exact purpose.

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Recycler view is used when you have a list of repeating components. It is similar in functionality to Scroll view, but it doesn’t render all components at once, only those that are currently visible and those within the render offset that you define for the component. So if you are repeating from a large set of data, Recycler view will give you better performance.


So in other worlds its paginating the data collection (when using firebase) so you dont download all the data at once?

Hi, no it is just a view component so it renders part of your fetched data collection at a time, it doesn’t make API calls.

Ohh i see then thanks for the help!

Please how do i find thia component in the market place, its not displaying gor me thanks alot

I have seen it thanks alot…