Redirect URL sappappgyver://

Hi I am trying to use sapappgyver:// to redirect to my app. How can I pass the application id to the url? Unable to find anything on this. I have multiple applications and want a specific application to open.

@Cecilia @Mevi @Harri_Sarsa1

The url of your app in the web preview is something like:[YOUR_APP_ID]/[YOUR_PROJECT_NAME]/page.Page1

For your hosted web/app, url most likely similar to:

Are you trying to access the app from outside?

Yes. So the page.Page1 would be the page id of the app. How do I refer to the app when I have multiple apps on the preview. Also i am looking at this for testing payments on mobile apps. On a web app this is pretty straightforward.Ideally success urls on the stripe checkout should redirect to the app itself.

To refer to an app in preview use the first url syntax I shared. It contains the app ID/project name, which is how you refer to it.

The mobile app previewer will compile your preview url correctly and refer to it with the same url.
So for Stripe test purposes, I use the same url:[APP_ID]/[PROJECT_ID]/
And it works well.