Reference files on user storage in HTML

I’m creating an app that needs to reference a file stored on the users storage through an HTML canvas.

Basically, because of limitations in the SDK/AppGyver’s current state (I love it, I just ask too much of it sometimes), I’m using the Webview Component to add an HTML canvas for a virtual try-on app using’s SDK. I have the webview working, and I can pull the 3-d files I need (7mb max) from an external link.

I was wondering if I had the users download the files to their local storage using the Client Side Storage method, that I’d be able to reference those files directly to my HTML canvas. Has anyone ever tried something like this?

(as a side note, I also need to be able to send a Javascript Click() event to the webview canvas. I haven’t actually tried this myself yet. Does anyone know if using the javascript flow function on a button press actually sends data to that webview canvas? If it doesn’t, i’m gonna need some assistance in how to accomplish something like that)

I also haven’t looked too far into the docs for an answer. From what I can find, there’s no documentation of referencing files like this, but there must be a way to just “~/AppGyver(or name of the app)/Files/File_Name.png” it out.