Reference to another list within a repeated list

Hi everyone,

I’ve a repeating list wrapped in a Recycler View component. I’m trying to set the color of a LIKE button in the list component based on the logic that at least one record is available in another list (not the repeating item) where two fields in that list matches the currently logged in user (app variable) and the current Id of the repeating list.

The use case is a classic social media post with likes, share and comments. I’m currently focussing on the like button functionality but my approach is not working. I’ve a feeling I’m missing something here.

Here are some screen shots of my solution that may explain things better.

Please help if any of you faced a similar challenge.

This is the formula thats not working:

ever get this working? i’m wondering about performance? seems like a lot under the hood to set those icons.

Well I took another solution approach and replaced Recycler by Scroll View.

yes, i use scroll view.

but you got your icons working the way you want?
can you show your working screen? I’m trying to implement a Fav button somewhere also.

I’m not using nested list anymore. Gone for list plus detail page approach.

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you were onto something good.