Refresh delay for "icon list item" component

Is there a way to trigger or force a refresh of an “icon list item” component?

The component is bound to a data resource.

After I update the database, there’s about a 1 or 2 second delay before the “icon list item” component is updated.

Currently triggering reloading of the data using a “Page Focused” event.

Any ideas?

So is the time between data variable being set and the list updating 1-2 seconds? Or is it just an issue with the backend taking a while?

Or do you have the default polling logic inside the data variable logic canvas too (select the data variable in variables editor and click to open logic editor) in addition to page focus logic? If you don’t have the poller loop, the data fetch should not trigger until you go to another page and back again.

Thanks @Harri_Sarsa! … You Rock!

Forgot to shorten the delay in the poller loop … it’s working now!

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