Refresh Page Parameter?


In this use case, there are 3 screens

  1. This page lets you see a leads opportunities.Opportunities is a list pulled from a REST API.

  1. When an opportunity is clicked it pulls those data properties into page parameters on another page. On that page, you can click the pencil icon to edit the data.

  1. That brings you to this page where you can submit that change directly to our database.

After submitting the change you are brought back to page #2. The issue is the change you made is not reflected. How can I update those page parameters automatically?

I hope that makes sense.

Thank you!

I think using Page parameters is not the correct way to do this. Those should be used only to pass information from one page to another and not be edited after that.

So basically better option would be to pass the ID of the Opportunity to Page 2 and then fetch the related Opportunity data to Page/App/Data variable. And with these three options you have some reason to use any of them.

One way to do it would be always get the data from backend when page 2 focuses, then Data variables would work the best. But it might take a little while for the fields to update as request is in progress.

Another option is to create an App variable activeOpportunity that you’d set when you select an Opportunity from the list and Open page 2. Then you’d update those fields and could use Submit button to save it and also replace it to the Opportunities List when it was submitted successfully to the backend. If you use this option you have to be sure that the activeOpportunity doesn’t change e.g. from another tab somehow and user could that way break the data. Also, as an App variable activeOpportunity would stay saved as long as the app is running and you haven’t initialized it yourself. Still, I think this is way fits your situation the best, but make sure you handle the data carefully then.