Refreshing Formula

I have an icon that is within a list component. The visibility of the icon is set with a formula: does math done on data within the repeat group equal a page variable.

The formula evaluates correctly when the page loads for the first time, but it doesn’t update if the page variable is updated after the page has loaded (except for the icon that corresponds to the repeated item whose data changed).

Is there a way to force the formula to evaluate if any data or variables change?

Hi! This is a known issue in 1.X that will be fixed in 2.X. If you have a formula filtering repeats, the results don’t really ever refresh. We have worked around this with the following:

  • Have a page variable that you repeat instead of the formula: this probably means you have to recreate the schema into the page variable, unless you decide to go schemaless
  • Whenever a change happens that you want to appear in the list (e.g. app variable changes, data variable changes), have an event for that/those, and from that event set the page variable which you are repeating using the formula you made

Thank you @Mevi for the quick response! I’m really looking forward to 2.x being released.

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