refreshToken - Firebase


Please note the refreshToken is not shown even though the user successfully logged in.

outputs["Get current user (Firebase Auth)"].currentUser.refreshToken

Thanks in advance

For understanding:
Can you explain in a few words, what the consequence of this bug might be?

Well, if the user is requested to verify his email, but s/he by accidentally deletes the verification email, I need to resend another verification email. To do so I need to obtain his/her Id Token which will be used to Send email verification

RefreshToken can help be to get a new idToken as describes in the link below

Exchange a refresh token for an ID token

I hope to find another way to archive this without refreshToken.

Hi every one,

Please support to report this bug in link below:

Thank yuo for your cooepration

I also need access either to the idToken directly or to the refreshToken to obtain the idToken. My use case is creating a password reset workflow for Firebase auth accounts.