Regarding Initial Views

Good day.

I’m not sure if I understand the use well enough to change it from the default…

For right now, I have created 2 onboarding pages and set onboarding1 as the initial view. They simply link as onboarding1 -> onboarding2 and then the login page onboarding1 -> onboarding2 -> login.

But then the Flow Function Component DISMISS INITIAL VIEW called by the login button is no longer able to be used, correct? What is its purpose? Couldn’t this be eliminated and just navigate to the home page or is this required?

The reason I ask is what if I want to allow browsing of the app before login? I need to get a better understanding of how the app works!

Thank you, Billie

The “initial view” is really what’s called a stack navigator that’s shown before the full app loads.

Thus, if you have page [Onboarding 1] that navigates to [Onboarding 2], your Initial View navigation stack will have two pages on it. Thus, calling “Dismiss initial view” will dismiss the whole stack and show the rest of the app.

If you want the user to browse the app without logging in, you can of course dismiss the initial view and let the users browse it, as long as your logic then accounts for the lack of user session.

With the new advanced navigation coming up, these concepts will be more clear, with a lot more versatility and power to the kinds of navigation structures you can do.


Hi @Harri_Sarsa,

Does this mean that I am unable at this time to change which page is the “initial” page? I have a Home page, which is the first page that loads, and I need to substitute this with a short animation screen before the Home page loads. Is this possible?

FYI - this app does not need Auth, and I would really rather not have to go down that road just to have access to this “initial view” feature.


I think the way to do this would be to implement the short animation on Home page. The easiest way to do this would be to add the animation into one Container and all other Home page content into another Container. Then add some Page variable showAnimation (true/false), give it initial value true and change it into false when the animation is completed. You’d just need to bind the visibility of the two Containers to depend on showAnimation

Hi @Tomi_Laakso,

I’m doing an initial page test on a new app build (app ID: 178038), and I’ve made my Lottie animation the first or Home page. So it is the first thing that loads after the blank splash screen. My question is, now that I have the correct page loading first, how do I load a second page automatically?

Is there a logic flow or formula that I can add to the first page that will load a second page (a specified page) after a certain amount of time (in seconds)?

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Hi! I would recommend showing the animation in a container and hiding everything else (what would be on the second page) and then showing it after the time has passed (with Delay node for example). The page navigation wouldn’t work for your scenario, I think :thinking: