Registration to be app user

How do you creat a registration page for your user on a user logon type app?


currently there’s no integrated functionality to register new users when using AppGyver Auth. I created a ticket at to follow the progress.

If you are using your own backend, then it’s of course different – you simply define e.g. AppUser REST connector ( and make POST route to that trigger your user registration endpoint.

What sort of app were you looking to build?

Hi Harri

I am running a small opposition party in South Africa. It is called Switch SA. The app is for the party. After a splash page with a contract to be accepted by all new users. I would like to have a registration page then the next page must be a map where the user can pin his location. after location pin is successfully on the map The user see the map with all other user pin’s on the map. Button to enter to next screen news feed and a contact us page.

I have a server that is running some other app backend that is available for this project. I am not a developer at all.

Can you help?

That spec is unfortunately hitting a few uncovered spots at the moment – an integrated map component is still in the works, as is a user registration flow in the way you mentioned. You can follow a ticket on the map component at

However, this is something our professional services team could potentially tackle for you, so if there’s budget for the app, please contact and we’ll see what we can do.

You’re kidding me ? So there’s no way for a user to create an account to my app using the APPGYVER AUTH ???

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This has frustrated me for over a month. I have asked several times for Appgyver professional help (willing to pay). Getting nowhere with auth.

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I hear the frustration and this is something we want to solve for good – there’s a complete backend-as-a-service solution in the works alongside more plug-and-play solutions for third-party authentication services. Regardless, I’ll send you a DM to see if we could find an intermediary solution for this.

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