Registration with Busywork

Hello guys!

Not a developer is asking for help.

So I have created a log in page by going to AUTH > Direct third party authentication
Now, I want to do next things.

  1. Make a registration (I have built the page already) logic
  2. Make a login (logic)

So, I have registered on Busywork and they are giving me those links for signups, signins, signouts, and authentication.

Where do I put them in Appgyver?

Also, how to I conncet LOGIC nodes so the person is able to register and later login?

Thank you!

Sorry for missing this thread!

Looking at Busywork’s docs (which are unfortunately seem very limited), you do get a REST API URL such as for the echo test, so you’d have a route like /sign_in or similar for the sign-in process.

There’s two options to access the API – you can configure it via the Data Configurator as a REST API direct integration, and use the Create record route/flow function to do a POST to the endpoint.

Alternatively, you can use the HTTP request node directly, and wrap the node in your own flow function to give input/output schema that way.

There’s a brilliant tutorial by Sean Hoots that uses Bubble as a backend, but the concepts should be applicable for Buswork too!

Hi Harri,

About the tutorial of Sean, I followed along and run into some problems. In the login page section, there is text missing and this makes me lost.

Now I run into the problem that I cannot select the persistentuser object later on in the tutorial:

could you help me out here?