Relate list to section header

I am trying to figure out how I can split out a list and relate it to individual section headers on a page. I have a menu page that has menu types “Entree”, “Main Menu” and “Drinks”. I would like the menu items displayed underneath based on there menu type. See screen shot below.


On the previous page a user can create a menu then navigate to view the full menu. I have the menu types split up by the menu parameter using the below formula (the menu parameter is passed to the page):
SELECT(data.menu_type_collection, params.restaurant_menu_parameter == item.restaurant_menu_objectId)

I now want to repeat my menu item list to filter on the menu types that are apart of the restaurant menu. Unfortunately I am out of ideas on how to do this. My menu item data collection has “menu_type_objectId” so I know I need to use something to filter on that which can be filtered also by the above formula. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanking you in advance!

Figured it out. The best way I have found to do this is to put all your UI elements into a container. Repeat the container based on the heading title and then relate your items to your repeated list. I don’t see anyone that interested in this post but if they want the formulas can add if people need.

I know I’m a little late to the party, but if the offer still stands, I’d like to see your formulas. I think I followed your description, but every time I think I know what I’m doing with formulas, they teach me a lesson :exploding_head: :wink: