Relation between table on Airtable

I created an application with airtable. I have a product table and a table category. In the product table, there is a linked column that indicates the product category. And in the Category table, there is a linked column that indicates all the products in this category.

During the API call, the linked columns appear with their ID hosted and not in text

On my app, I created a list of all categories and when I click on an item, a category detail page opens.
But the list of products appears in Airtable ID and not in text.
I tried different formulas to transform this ID by comparing it to the ID of the product table. But I did not find.
If anyone could help me. Thank you in advance.

Can you provide some screenshots to assist with the explanation?

Have you tried looking at this in debug mode to see what data records have been collected?

Thank you for your reply
I get this API of my Tools with the categories as ID

I get this API of my table category with the tools in the form of ID
Capture du 2022-02-19 16-03-58
And when I make a category detail page, I would like this table to appear the name of the tools and not the ID.
I am looking for the formula to find id = tool name

What is the open page flow function on the list item click?
Do you load the data on the next page as well, or only on this page?
Do your details page have a page parameter that would be the ID of the specific tool?

  • You load the data on this page.
  • Get the list of items.
  • on the details page in the “properties” tab configure a text page parameter named id for example.
  • on the list page under the repeated item on tap event open page function and set the page parameter to
  • on the details page create a get record data variable selected tool
  • bind the ID of it to the page parameter.
  • use the data as you need.

If I miss a problem please let me know.

I’m not sure I understood everything. This page is the detail page of a list of category: I find the name of my category that I clicked.
But the tools related to this category appear after a formula :
MAP(data.CategorySingle.fields.Tools, {“Tools”:item})
How to match this list of text with ID and the names of the tools?

In this formula you only retrieve the IDs, because those are found in the category fields.
I do not see the way how you get your tools data from the resource…
You seem to only load the category record.
I’ll get back to this topic in about half an hour. (Now on my way)

Okay, so then you need to load the tools that are associated with that categoryID.

This formula only loads the ID-s of the tools. It does not load any tool information.
So you would need to get record collection of the tools and then use:

SELECT_BY_KEY(data.tools_all, "category", pageParams.categoryID)

Or, since one tool can be in multiple categories:

SELECT(data.tools_all, IS_IN_ARRAY(item.categoryID, pageParams.categoryID))

These above formulas will get you a list of objects of the tools. With which you can repeat the required component.

Hopefully it was clear.

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Thank you ! It was my logic that was not good. I realized it with your previous message.
I grateful to you for taking the time to answer me.

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