Relational Queries via Rest API

I want to get information from my related table !

I created a class called “Entanglement” that i made in it a colomn as a pointer to users class “_Users” and created a Relation to their informations class “UsersInformations”

Now i want to enter and get the users inforamtions through the Relation.

Any help guys ??

Can you be more specific? Are you trying to link objects to a field in your database? I recently resolved this issue. Related items often show up as a ‘list of objects’ in the DataSource. Theses cannot be accessed through variables, but can be accessed through formulas.

In the formulas section, click on Current repeated item data variable (might be ‘data variable’ if you’re not using repeating groups), if your data is correctly set up you should see a list of ALL items in your API call and you can select them this way.


What backend are you using?