Relationship front-end set up

Hi to all!

I sped all weekend to find a solution for my problem, watching all tutorials in still no light to see. Coud anybody help me, please.

So, my prob., I make a app to find a grocery food from the local farmers whit no-code experience :slight_smile: I made a relation table in airable database:

  1. table: Food (Name, price, foto, GroupsID)
  2. table: Groups (name (fruit, veggies, meat…), foto, FoodID)
  3. table: Farm (name, address, foto, description FoodID)

So a made a relation between Groups & Food and Food & Farm

Now the data are transfer to Appgyver thru Reset Api, and it seem everything’s good so far.

I have made

  1. site - Group view (image list item (fruit, veggies, meat…) - everything is perfectly linked) now a made a logic for site 2. to set up a detailed group view f.e.(fruit food list)
  2. site - Fruit List view (when a set up the link from the food data in show me all food items, there are fill in the table)

So how to filter or sort, how to make a set up in Appgyver? 1. site a select the fruit group from the list selection and then next shows me only fruit items…

Hey, a made some progress… On site 2. I define 3 page parameters - so i make a wire between site 1. and 2. It goes just I want, but the next problem appears, on site 2. there is only 1 item showing… I just don’t know how to set up formula in “Repeat whit” field to bring up the multiple item list, if this may be the problem! Could anyone give me some advice? tnx