Release #135 is out – new Binding Editor!

Our all new Binding Editor is now out, supercharging the way you handle binding view component properties and flow function inputs! A bunch of other fixes and new features too.

Read the highlights in the blog and see the changelog for full a list of fixes.

Let us know how it feels!


I can no longer bind to formulas now. :frowning:

If i try to bind to an app variable it works. But if i reference the app variable in a formula it wont work. I REALLY need formula binding to work or my app is doomed.

So something happened where its not letting me bind what i type in an Input Box to a formula-specified variable…

So check this out (to prove the bug):

If i bind my input box to this App variable: APP_Test , then it works
If i bind my input box to this Formula value: appVars.APP_Test , then it does not work

So this somehow got broken with the new update

Thanks for the report John. We tested the release with many apps before the release, including formulas, so something funky is going on there. We will look into it straight away and get back to you soon. Don’t worry, if there is a bug it will be released at hotfix within 24 hours. Formulas referencing variables are definitely supported.

When you say ”bind an input box”, can you go in more detail? How does it not work?

Note that formula bindings are by nature one-way — so if you have an input field’s value bound to formula that just references a single variable, like appVars.someName, changes made to the input field by the user will NOT result in the app variable changing, but changes made to the app variable will result in the formula being re-evaluated and the input field value changing. Only a direct app variable binding is two-way in that changes propagate both ways.

This is something that is on our list to fix and clarify.

If the issue you are facing is something different, please elaborate and we’ll get to the bottom of it!

Congrats on new release!

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So on monthversary (if that is even a word… :wink: ) of the new Binding Editor, I wanted to share two comments about it.

Overall I actually transition to the new version much faster than I was expecting. I see direction where you are going to make it much easier for people to use.

Maybe this could be helpful for more people:

1) Name of variable being updated.

My database has 19 variables. When making an update to “quantity” +1, I need to repeat all current data fields (bind the current field value in the Update Record component).

While looking for the variable to set, it would be great to see up there on the top of the window, what variable, I am linking it to. Maybe its it just me having a memory span of a chipmunk, but sometimes scrolling through multiple variables that can be assigned, I forget what I am updating…

BTW a PATCH update for Rest would be great, but that is different topic.

2) Screen use optimization

There might be users that are using it on laptops, which vs a external screen leaves less space.

I think some elements on the Binding Editor could be compressed. There are empty white space lines that could be removed with no harm, also the “Read me” button (on scree above) could take different location.

Also I think the new formula editor got squeezed. The explanation of formula is sometimes difficult to see. These explanations are super useful by the way (and making the examples interactive was a genius move). Maybe this screen could be more stretched to give more room for formulas?

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Thanks for the feedback and sorry for not replying earlier! We’ve got an internal ticket on the table now about showing the binding name being edited, and we’ll be sure to revisit the formula editor layout when we circle back to that – there’s for example a visual formula editor + multi-step formulas bubbling in the backlog. The latter would mean you could do things like:

weeks = DATETIME_DIFFERENCE(pageVars.selectedDate, current.orderDate)

weeks + " weeks to order date!"

so essentially giving some formula an alias and then using that alias in another formula in the same binding context.


This could also make long formulas much more readable!
What gets challenging in general with long formulas (when you start doing IFs… and nested formulas), it gets very difficult to look through. The formula highlighting you are using is super helpful. Appgyver formula building is already superior to that of for example Airtable or Excel.