Remember answers on each page, show them collectively at the end and save them collectively to the database


I am a total beginner and started using Appgyver a few days ago. I’m doing pretty well for a beginner, but I have a problem that I can’t solve and which makes me despair.
Here’s the thing: I would like to build an app that is set up like a form. On each page only one question is presented. My problem is that I don’t know how to track the answers (a selection from a list on a page, for example) along the question chain, so that at the end I can show the user his answers and save this collected view to my database (I use Firebase) when the user submits his answers. I have managed to pass an answer into the next page via the page parameters. But that is not the goal. I just want the app to remember all the answers and list them all on one page at the end before submitting them.

If the problem description is not understandable, a look at the page: will help. I want my app to be similar. With Typeform you can set up simple forms. At the end the developer gets a new row from the user in an excel file with the respective answers to all the asked questions.

Hi! Sounds like you could use an app variable to store the answers before submission :slight_smile: More about different types of variables (and formulas) can be found here.

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