Remember device credential problem

Hi everyone, I am beginner of appgyver. According to video tutorial, I create a login screen and remember credential in mobile device. After quit the app without logout, then go into the app again, I don’t need to login again, which is fine. But there is a funny thing happened. The login screen will popup for 1 second and then go to data display list directly. I am not sure whether my hidden spinner has placed incorrectly. Can anybody teach me?


You can try these options:

Se the dismiss initial view node after the set app variable node, you might be able to remove that Hide spinner completely.


transfer this logic to the Global Canvas page after the App Launched event in the logic canvas

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Thank you, if anyone else has this problem,the first option worked for me

Hi how do I do Remember?

Do you mean where users’ passwords can be remembered and they don’t have to type it in again each time they log in? If so, which backend are you using?

I want the user and password to be saved when the user exits the app. I just don’t know how to do it

I use xano as a backend and this is the video that helped me Becoming a No-coder - Part 8 (Remember Me and Logout!) - AppGyver and Xano - YouTube (it would also be helpful to watch the entire video series)

After you get authentication working, on the first log in you set the users auth token to storage, then on page load you get the users auth token from storage. If there is no auth token you just show the login screen. The video explains this. In your backend set the auth token expiration time to how much you like (I have mine set to never expire). Hope this helps