Remember Scroll Location

Can anyone think of a way to track or remember the position of a scroll/recycled container?

Example would be for search results whereby a user opens a result but then returns to their search to continue. Currently it returns to the top of the recycle view.

Difficult at the moment (Sep. 2022).
There is no decent component feature like “on hover” to recognize if something was already seen by the user.

As a workaround you could:
Load just the first 5 elements (e.g.) + show a button below “load more” (which loads again the next 5 elements on click).
Save the amount of loaded elements in an appVariable. If the appVariable is set, use the flow function “scroll to”, which needs to be set to your appVariable multiplied by the pixel height of one loaded container.

If you want to scroll within a scroll view container the “scroll to” will not work.
In that case:
Use a resized primitive input field after each 5 elements, with opacity 0.1 (visible=false will not work).
Use the “Focus Input” Flow function to jump directly to the right input field after the page is mounted.

Hope this helps.