Remove an asset from the folder

Hello All,
By mistake I uploaded a photo to the root folder. How can I remove from there?
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Best regards.

1- Choose any image you have.
2- Open the pop-up window of the Assets.
3- Optional: In case you do not have images installed, put an Image component and do step 1 and 2:

4- Enter the image folder:

5- Put it in list format:

6- Pass the course to on the image and next to it automatically appears the delete icon:

7- Optional: To delete a folder, you must put it in list, choose the folder to delete.

Note: To delete the folder, you must delete all the images that are inside, otherwise it will give you an error. (Until today, July 17, 2022 generates this error):

8- Optional: If the image is out of the folders, just put it in the list and continue with the steps similar to the number 6:


This is the best answer I can get. Simple, clear, and direct to the point. Thank you very much indeed.


Greetings, it is a great pleasure to help you.

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