Rename label, possible?

Hey, I want to know if I can rename a repeated label with an item that is inside the same shema? context: look at the attachment.

I hope you understand my pain…sory for my poor vocabulary, I’m newbie on the field and I still have a lot of work to do, but with your help it will be easier for me.

Regards, Matic


So if I understand correctly, on page 2 you want to display the name of the game type instead of the id? And data.Group1.fields.Genre only contains the id? You would need a list of the Game types that include each name and id, do you have access to that kind of list?

Hey Cecilia, yes i want to display the name of the game type instead of the id. I don’t have such a list you write - how to do this? Do i need to create a separate table in backend or something else?

Yes, you will need something that connects the game type id with the game type name, a table of that kind would probably be most logical. Then in your page 2 you can use that repeated id to find its name in this new list, and display that instead in the label. So the formula in page 2 would be something like FIND_BY_KEY(data.new_list, "id", current).name