Renaming & Deleting Composite Flow Functions?

Hi team,

Whenever I create a new composite flow function (by selecting a group of function blocks and clicking, “Create a New Flow Function”), it appears under Logic --> “By Me” under the left sidebar as a green bar: “Flow Function {#}.” However I seem to be unable to rename these functions, making it difficult to remember which one is used for what purpose without dropping them into the canvas and entering isolation mode to find out. Is there an option for renaming that I’m just not seeing?

I am also finding it impossible to delete these functions. A few days ago, ‘(three dots) --> “remove”’ did the trick, but now when I click that it just does… nothing! So, since I’m a noob and I make a lot of mistakes, I also have obsolete composite functions piling up too, all named in the format “Flow Function 4,” “Flow Function 5,” etc. I’m finding it kind of user-unfriendly :sweat_smile: Any tips / tricks / upcoming bugfixes related to this issue?

Hi, it takes a couple of steps to rename your Flow functions:

  1. Drag the Flow function to canvas
  2. Open it in Isolation mode (double click or click icon in properties bar)
  3. Press Edit properties
  4. Fill the new name
  5. Press OK
  6. Choose Advanced -> Overwrite local template (this will make the change to all other instances of this composite Flow function that have not been modified)

Alternatively if you want to rename only one instance of your Flow function, you can open the Advanced section in Flow function properties bar and give the Flow function the name you wish. This won’t affect other instances of this same Flow function. (This method can be used also with any existing Flow functions if you feel it’ll make your logic easier to follow.)


And about deleting the Flow functions: You’re right, deleting doesn’t do anything at the moment. I’ll make a bug report for this and we’ll fix it asap.

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Thank you! And in general I just really appreciate the support you guys are offering via the forums.

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Hi @Tomi_Laakso!

I’m hitting the same issues with renaming and deleting flow functions that @escapenewhaven described. Have there been any updates on this one? If I need to take steps to apply a deployed fix, just let me know what to do.


Have you tried the process that Tomi outlined for renaming, Erin? It’s a bit obscure but it worked for me, though I think I’m still unable to delete.

@escapenewhaven, Thanks for circling back! It turns out I had overlooked the “Overwrite local template” step. Honestly, I feel a little fuzzy on that, too (I’m not 100% sure that I managed to get that selected on all instances, and I’m unsure whether I have to select it on them all again each time I make a change…), but I was able to change the name. Same as you on delete, but that’s not the end of the world at the moment.

So let’s say you have a few instances of the same custom flow function in your app – A, B, and C. I don’t have many cases to draw from here but I am pretty sure it works like this:

  • If you update C without choosing “Overwrite Local Template,” C will now show up in your logic flow with a little asterisk next to its name, which marks it as diverging from the template (kind of like its own branch).
  • If you then update B, and choose “Overwrite Local Template,” A and B will both update accordingly, but C will not update.

I actually found this behavior very useful, but it’s kind of unintuitive because it’s basically the opposite of Shared Styles. (Whereas in Shared Styles all instances assigned to the style will update if any of them are updated unless you explicitly deselect the shared style name in the dropdown, when you edit a Custom Flow Functions your edits will diverge from the template unless you actively choose to click Advanced --> Overwrite Local Template.)

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Yep, that sounds exactly right.

And you’re right about shared styles also (and the contradiction between the two methods). We are working on theme and style editor overhaul which means shared styles will get an update also (or likely be replaced with something else). Flow functions on the other hand are more likely to stay as is. I cannot promise any timetable for the overhaul, but it’s coming and should make working with themes and styles more straightforward.

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Thank you @escapenewhaven! That was a very helpful summary! I had seen bits and pieces of the information, but hadn’t managed to put them all together in my head. I feel like I can use that tool with a bit more confidence now :slight_smile:

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