Rendering Bugs, Features Breaking, & Changes Not Saving

Is anyone else having serious issues with Appgyver today?

Pages and components are not rendering properly. For instance, I have component backgrounds that are colored (white, yellow, blue, etc.) on the UI Canvas, but in the Preview app they are transparent and blending in with the page background now. On top of that, the spacing and alignment between components is wrong. Things are left aligned that should be centered, and gaps between components are not showing.

This is happening on past features (some over a year old) that I’ve built that I thought were stable.

On top of that, I did ~3hrs of work that just completely vanished. It wouldn’t show my changes on the Preview app. I logged out and logged back in to Appgyver, and everything I had done today vanished.

Normally, I’m patient about these types of things, but some of the pages / components that are breaking have been functional for over a year. Now, it’s just a ton of bugs.

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Not anymore than any other day for the last week or so, which is how long I’ve been dabbling with AppGyver. I assumed that it is par for the course, but your post makes it a bit more serious.

Close to 6 hours of my work yesterday got wiped out, after an unfortunate save at about 5:30pm while AG was doing a major system update. They don’t even warn anyone.

And yes other components have had weird behaviors too, including the simple IS_EMAIL no longer working and the nav components no longer doing their job.

It’s a complete mess and it has gone out of control as of late. I doubt SAP is aware of how things are handled over here. Very disappointing and unprofessional.

I wish it was easy to enroll with their SAP pro account but it seems complicated which I don’t accept in a no code world. Total #FAIL


Major Bugs and unreliable render results in Appgyver preview app on android noticed.

Hi all,

We apologize for the inconvenience, we are working on resolving this.

If I migrate to SAP Build Apps - for more stability than AppGyver, what is the plan available beyond the free tier? Is the next one the Standard plan that costs 1000€ / month? Nothing in between? (page reference)
I need beyond the free tier “for evaluation purpose” so how do I just pay extra “as I go” for going beyond the free tier limits and have a production grade product?


There are no plans in between the Free tier and Standard. “Pay‑As‑You‑Go” is a contract type that enables flexible resources in case you need more than defined by a plan.

Please let me understand as I need a solution.
The standard plan is obviously too expensive for an entrepreneur’s single no code project (assuming Standard is for enterprise grade software development)
Can I start with a free plan and then use the pay as you go features when I scale things up to mobile deployment and commercial production for a monthly budget of below 100€?


pay as you go features

Can you please link the pay as you go features you are referring to?

To be honest, it’s better to stick with AppGyver Composer than to use SAP Build Apps. In both cases, there are similar issues and strange behaviors. As I manage accounts for private sector clients, they pay high monthly fees and still experience the same problems. This situation makes me a little sad every day, as I know AppGyver should be constantly updating, but sometimes they break many things to the point of being a disaster, even making me feel desperate lately after putting in months of effort to present an app in production. However, the support in SAP Build Apps is much better because private sector companies pay $1,000 EUR, and therefore receive better support.

I believe SAP should offer a fair plan for smaller users with the same robust logic as SAP Build Apps but with more affordable monthly prices, such as $18 EUR for the Standard plan and $40 EUR for the PRO plan. If users opt for an annual subscription, a discount could be offered.

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I’m not sure, I see many “services” outside of the free tier, some of them may enable me to go beyond development use?
How do I remove this restriction?

So you mean that you have clients paying 1000€/month yet still experiencing the same bugs?!?! :fearful: :cold_sweat: WTF did I get into here?!?!?
How dare they charge so much when they are not even half as stable as no code tools like Wappler, Bildr, FlutterFlow?!
This is mindblowing and unexpected from a company like SAP…

They really need a new products guy at SAS. They are as well funded as some of the big tech firms, but playing it like a stingy startup.


It looked as though they had a nice little army “ready to take care” of us :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Gone baby gone…

Sorry for my raw reaction but what is it that you needed from the paid solution which you did not have with the free AppGyver plan? All I want is stability, so if the paid plan do not guarantee such thing, I won’t waste my time migrating and my money.

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Correct, stability is very important whether it is in a free or premium version. It is very difficult to work on an app for a long time and suddenly have updates that damage the code. This sometimes happens in SAP, where stability is not as expected, but there is a slightly better stability than in AppGyver. One can realize this when the app is launched in production and users begin to report issues to the service provider. One may believe that updates will improve the app, but instead, they can present new challenges and delays due to code changes. Believe me, many of us feel the same as you do. It is discouraging to have a dream app and suddenly encounter new challenges when trying to make simple improvements like changing an emoji, a color, or an image. Sometimes everything gets broken and it’s a mess, and one has to report the issues and wait for the developers in the AppGyver community to assist.

I’m confused about how updates on the AG system impact a mobile app that’s deployed and live. Aren’t the live native app and the app build disconnected?

Yes, but when you need to make a small tweak to a live published app, you have no idea what new errors the current runtime is going to throw at you.

I would like runtimes to be supported for a longer period - 6 months at least. That way once I´ve done some thorough QA I don´t need to repeat it for any simple changes.

How great would it be if some of the administrators could provide an answer to your interesting question.

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Maybe that explains the success of PWAs. No such hassle.
Who implements such short runtimes? Android play store and App store?