Rendering Visual Elements Extremely Slow

Does anyone have issues with application slowness when representing API/text data in repeat?

We have several containers and rows in a recycler to display approx. 2mb of API text data in repeat within our app.

We can confirm that the API request is returned within seconds however AppGyver simply cannot format as below and will crash or freeze after scrolling a few times.

We have found that the issue occurs on both iOS and Android, but cannot understand why when these mobile devices can play high end games. Its like AppGyver isn’t optimized or possibly the recycler isn’t up to scratch.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has issues with performance?

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Me too did you find out the problem?

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Unfortunately, not really. As we couldn’t wait any longer we have done two things which has assisted but not resolved:

  1. Ditch the Recycler and replace with a scroll view, as the Recycler is poorly optimized and appears to just keep loading results infinitely off screen.
  2. Restrict the amount of data returned via our API call. We found that max 100 results worked for us.

I think the issue is ultimately the underlying code.

Thank you very much.