Repeat nested array and link it to another array

my first question is how to list a nested array without adding the [0] in the formula
my second question is how i link the first nested aray to the seconde nested array so that when i click on the first object i open another page with the first object of the seconde nested array.

here i have all the photo of what i wanted to do

i managed to show the first nested array but i know its the wrong way and i cant add the SELECT OR MAP to the formula it d’ont accepte it and show nothing

and i want to know is all what im doing is wrong or ther is another way to do this stuf ?

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Hi, check out this post for an example of a nested repeat:

it dose not work. maybe because airtable have only this " [] " and you in you data you have this " [{}] " .

and what about my picture 7 , what is the formluas for this i want to click on “retro electric” to open page that show only the first “Aoptiontext”

so index 1 of “Aoptionlist” will show index 1 of “Aoptiontext” .

Hi, it’s hard to reference the single options and their texts since they don’t have any connection, they are just at the same index in the different lists if I understand correctly? It’ll be much easier to work with the data if you format it as:

[{option: "abc123", name: "retro electric", text: "lorem ipsum"}]

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do you know how to that in airtable ?

hi.mari happy new year
how to do a list of this items ?

Hi, unfortunately there’s no formula to transform an object into a list, just the other way around. :thinking: Not an expert at Airtable, so don’t know if it’s possible to create a list type field there.