Repeated data doesn't pass to other page as an page parameter

I’m trying to pass a text which is a repeated data to other page as an page parameter.
It seems like repeated data can’t be stored as a variable.

How can I save repeated data as a variable?

Hi, yes a page parameter has to be a plain string. What format is your repeated data in?

Another option would be to put your data in an app variable, where it is accessible from anywhere in the app.

First I call a http request and get a list of datas including an image and a text.
I tried to pass one of the repeated text to other page as an parameter but I couldn’t
So I checked the current repeated data with alert and it returned empty string.

What should I do?

Oh… I just found a way to pass it as a page parameter after 2 hours trying…
Why I always find answers right after question…

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Oh, glad you were able to solve it! :blush: